2017 and how I wanna feel.

2017 is here and I’m a bit bloody excited. I like the energy of a New Year, of all of that possibility. I don’t really dig resolutions per se – I think it’s a sure fire way to lead yourself down a path of disappointment, but I do believe in taking the time to reflect and get clear about what you want to change, do, experience and how you want to feel for the next 365 days you’re about to embark on.

If you haven’t read The Desire Map by Danielle La Porte then I highly recommend it. This otherworldly babe speaks straight to both my whimsy and practicality and I dig her philosophies, which centre around getting clear about how you want to feel and letting that lead you in every part of your life. You undertake a process where you hone your desired feelings down into a word, a core feeling, that reflects the space you want to operate from. We live in such a hectic goal-oriented culture that we think the actions themselves will make us feel the way we want to. Rather than getting clear about the feeling first, then what that actually means and then letting action blossom from that. It’s like hearing stories about people desperate to buy a certain thing, or go on a trip, or lose a certain amount of weight becauset they believe that will be the thing that will make them feel how they want to feel. Often what happens is when we’re disconnected from how we really want to feel our goals get muddied by what we think we’re meant to want, or chasing a tangible to reflect what should be a feeling first.

To get clear about 2017 I did Danielles online Goals with Soul program, which basically is just a series of questions that prompt you to think about what worked in the year, what didn’t, what you’re grateful for and what you do want. It breaks life down into five separate categories: Livelihood and lifestyle, Body & wellness, Creativity & Learning, Relationship & Society, Essence & Spirituality, so all of your bases are covered. You look at how you want to feel, find the words that really describe these state in essence, and then once you’ve got your words you then are in a space to think about your goals and what you want. As someone whose love language is words first this makes complete sense to me. I find getting grounded in feelings really easy too. This is a simple enough process that anyone could dive into and go as deeply as your comfort to feelings and woo-woo allows. It’s all self driven so you can go as deep as you like. I’ve done this process a couple of times and I’m always quite surprised about what comes up for me, what I realise I ultimately want to stop doing, what I really do want to do and what’s really important. This year I found there was quite a distinct chasm between how I want to really feel and how I am working and behaving.

I have three core desired feelings for 2017.


free | nourish | sparkle

This is what these words are actually about for me and what they feel like to me. That’s a thing I love about this process too, is that it requires you to make connections to language for yourself. What the word free might feel like to you, might be very different to me.

FREE is actually about lightness, feeling grounded, connected, real, honest, vulnerable, present, vital and relaxed.

NOURISH is really about love and being loved, it’s about acts of pleasure, care, nurturing, it is passion, devotion and cherishing.

SPARKLE is all about movement and energy, it is all that is bold and courageous. It is exciting, electric and joyous.

Basically, what i’ve deduced is 2017 is going to be all about SELF CARE and working smarter not harder. I’ve got some goals, and tangible things i’m working towards and I’m pretty bloody stoked about it because these actions are all completely doable, there not big or unrealistic. This process is about finding evidence of your feelings in everything; in how you drive, clean your house, dress, work etc. One day wearing lipstick might be all I need to do to inject some SPARKLE into my life. Other goals may require some bolder action.

Here are some other take-aways, words that arose and bits and pieces that I deducted during my 2016 reflection and 2017 planning. You could use these key phrases or prompts for yourself  if you liked. They’re what came up for me as I read over what I’d written: I feel, I have, I share, I gift myself, I like, I pray for, I am, I want to,

I feel…

Creative | Accomplished | Satisfied | Seen | Energised by possibilities | Curious

I have…

  • The courage to take risks
  • A daily practice

I share…

  • Things I care about

I gift myself…

  • Space to create and write
  • Being an active participant in how I spend my time.

I like…

  • Being a free agent.
  • Supporting other artists.

I pray for…

  • Self-awareness and emotional intelligence.
  • Deep satisfaction
  • Genuine connection
  • Freedom.
  • A heart that is ablaze.

I am…

  • Free and light
  • Striving for a purpose bigger than myself
  • Buoyed by the love in my life.
  • Enjoying my ever-evolving relationship with God and letting it fill me up.
  • Believing in all that is other-worldly and magical.
  • In an empowered position where I can make change.
  • I am free.
  • I have a voice.
  • I have power.
  • Capable, smart, intuitive, loved, cared for and looked up to.

I want to…

  • Move, grow, feel free, connected and alive.
  • Contribute positively
  • Make change for the better.
  • Stand true in what I believe.
  • Learn and be an ever-expanding, complex human.
  • Make a difference
  • Be of service
  • Love and be loved.
  • Connect the triptych; mind, body and soul.
  • Heal
  • Feel valued.

Here’s some reminders for myself that might resonate for you too. I’m going to create some visuals of these and post them up in my office.

I’m doing what I’m meant to do.

Pleasure is QUEEN.

Vulnerability is QUEEN.

You can do it. Your dreams are entirely possible: what else do you want to achieve?

Do it for your soul.

You cannot feel the way you want to feel if you don’t, NOURISH and cherish yourself.

And here’s some words that I think are banging.


How do you want to feel, pearly ones?

Claire's Sign Off: Best, Claire

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