Love Hard: Loving ourselves and changing the world

Love Hard Header - If we all all loved ourselves harder the world would change

I’m on a mission to impact the way that people feel about themselves and therefore positively impact everything else: the way we love, work, parent, live and relate to each other. I want to shift the weird blocks we have around vulnerability and honesty, I want us to talk, tell our stories and  love ourselves hard.

Why Love Hard? I freaking adore Action Movies. All of them. But especially Die Hard. And I have this wee little theory that if we all loved ourselves harder the whole world would change.

People get action movies, we get how they work; the explosions, the dumb jokes, THE Bruce Willis. But the majority of people don’t get self-love. For starters, the words self and love when strung together just make people think of masturbation. Which I’m okay with but it isn’t entirely the point.

I’ve found that for most people, any form of personal development or self-help talk FREAKS THEM OUT.

They’re overwhelmed by any thought of therapy, chakra cleansing, personality tests, crystals or personal development courses. I get it. It’s overwhelming and feels so butt-clenchingly awkward for the majority of us most of the time.

But the simple fact of the matter is, we don’t love ourselves. We don’t know how to love ourselves. It’s not something we’re taught and it’s certainly not something we feel comfortable talking about.

But we’ve got to start talking about it because not talking about it is quite literally killing us, medicating us, making us miserable, making us live unfulfilled lives in unhappy relationships in jobs we don’t care about because we don’t know there’s an alternative, or we do, but we don’t know what to do about it.

It’s like self-love is over here throwing the raddest party and a whole heap of people didn’t show up because it was fancy dress. And they hate fancy dress.

You know who hates fancy dress but still shows up to the party? Every single gosh damn action hero in the history of action movie cinema. The guy who walks barefoot through glass to make shit happen. The bad-ass who saves the girl. He knows WHY he’s there and he just lets the HOW and WHAT unravel for itself.

All I’m saying is imagine if you believed in yourself like that? In your imperfect bad-ass self?

You don’t need a costume or crystals or a ten-step success program or a weird metaphor all you need is a dirty white tank top and a touch of courage to show up and get shit done because you get it, you get that that’s enough.

That you are enough. Totally.

Now, I have a grandiose sized hippie lady swanning about in my heart. I didn’t wear a bra for three years and used to have long lovely dreadlocks. I majored in theatre so I have zero anxiety about showing up to a fancy dress party in a costume. But I am surrounded by all of these gorgeous space loving nerds and brilliant babes with no self esteem who can’t find a way to join the conversation or to show up to the self-love party. I’m hoping LOVE HARD will be their way in.

I’m hoping LOVE HARD will be your way in.

So, Claire and Pearl is your self-love safe house where we’re going to talk about the real shit and I’m going to help you realise that you are fucking brilliant. That’s what I want. Because I think if we all cut ourselves some slack and high-fived ourselves more often than the whole entire world would be better.

Eventually there’ll be a whole bevvy of resources and Love Hard things for you to dive in to that are going to help make the journey to loving yourself harder a whole lot easier.  Until then, you can dive into some more Love Hard deliciousness here.

So that’s it. That’s the mission. It’s pretty simple; I just want to save the world. Or maybe, I want you to save the world and I’ll just get a little bit of credit for it. Yeah. Bonza!

Claire's Sign Off: Best, Claire

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