New Here?

Photo of Claire's eyes with the text New Here? Hello! Welcome to Claire and Pearl.

So, you’re new here? Welcome.

I can hand on my heart guarantee that this will be nothing like being the new kid at school. No embarrassing moments or daunting introductions but I may occasionally wear some kind of school uniform get-up if I fancy, just so you’re aware.

The Claire & Pearl plan is to make you have a giggle and to high-five your glorious you-ness.

But before all of that, here’s what you need to know:

I am Claire.

Photo of Claire with blue hair looking straight to camera

I dig dancing in my longue room, writing ALL the things and Mexican food. I live in a small’ish regional city in Queensland, Australia with my beloved and our mutual dreams of one day owning a really rad dog.

Claire & Pearl was built as a play space for me and a safe house for you.

Here’s why: Mid-way through 2014 I quit what I thought would be my dream job when I realised it wasn’t and there was this deeper kind of hankering in my person to do something else. But what? Create a blog of course. A blog with the sole purpose of making the world feel better about itself, so that in turn the world gets better.

Here’s the lay of the land…

That Time I...This is where I’ll post about things I’ve done and learnt. Like, ‘That time I got bitten by a cockatoo.’ or ‘That time Reese Witherspoon and I became best friends.’ [Note: Like all good examples, these examples may or not have actually happened…I mean who gets bitten by a cockatoo?]

Float my boat…Posts about things that are rocking my socks.  Usually once a month round ups, but I may pop one in every now and again just to keep you on your toes or if I’m really, really crushing on something.

Love Hard…This is where we’ll get down to the business of being kinder, better, lovelier people to ourselves, without any psycho babble or angel speak.

PEARLS OF WISDOM…You will find GRAND life lessons, interviews with people who I think are simply sensational and other pearls of wisdom to help us all kick ass a little bit harder.

Claire’s Quest...I can’t claim to be an expert on any of these larger life topics so here’s the place you’ll learn all about my very own quest to love myself harder and better.

Creative Claire…I give you the run down on fun things I’m working on in my other life, like novels and plays and theatre projects and impromptu dance numbers.

One last thing…

“Why Claire and Pearl if you are just Claire, Claire?”

Excellent Question, new reader! Pearl is my nickname. Has been since I was about eight. My brother knighted me with it ceremoniously in the back of our family panel van. Or something like that. In fact I don’t know why it started, or where it came from, but it’s tattooed on my leg and my arm, so it’s a pretty big deal in my world.  Did you know that pearls are basically just an oyster’s way of dealing with something that’s pissing it off? I dig this concept so completely and think it’s such a grand metaphor for making change and dealing with our life, but you can read all about that here.

I think you’re ready.

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Claire's Sign Off: Best, Claire