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Pearls of Wisdom is a Claire & Pearl series where I intend to share with you the wisdom of brilliant people. For me, the biggest issue with the self-help industry is its quick fix mentality. We are led to believe that if we follow that persons ten quick steps, or do this affirmation a day or dance naked under a full moon with ten cherries in our mouth, then suddenly we’ll have all the answers.


I don’t think it’s that simple. By our very design we are different. And I think we’ve got to honour that just like each of us, our paths to ‘help’ ourselves, may be different. Maybe none of the above will work for you. Maybe only four of those ten steps will work for you. Maybe that one affirmation didn’t work but dancing to your favourite song in the car does. Maybe naked moon dancing only works for you with a grapefruit instead of cherries.

We’ve got to be okay with navigating our own path. We’ve got to not feel like we’ve failed if something doesn’t work. We’ve got to take what we like or what resonates from each so called ‘expert’ and get rid of the rest.

 But what if we were all experts?

Because we don’t honour our individual paths and we don’t share our own stories, we don’t get a chance to learn from each other. That’s why these Pearls of Wisdom posts will be my most important.

It’s from the wisdom of others that we can learn for ourselves.

You know what I think the sexiest thing in the world is? PASSION. You know what I think the second sexiest thing in the world is? HONESTY. You know why these two things combined are the perfect combination of weak at the knees, butterfly tummy, brain melty goodness? Because together they mean VULNERABILITY. When someone stands up and lays it bare and does anything from the heart that shit is MAGICAL. Why don’t we do that more often? Why don’t we live like that? Because it’s fucking petrifying, but what if it became the norm? Just imagine what would happen.

We each totally and completely have the capacity to do whatever it is to make good shit happen for us. But we’re so hell bent on doing it all on our own that we forget we’re a whole race of humans desperately trying and we’re not learning from each other, we’re not being inspired by each other.

Alan Rickman who is a god in my books, not because he is Snape, but because he is Hans Gruber in the first Die Hard movie said this,

Claire's favourite Quote by Alan Rickman about why we need to tell stories.

Oh Alan, I knew my crush on you was warranted because in just a few simple sentences you’ve summarised the very essence of Pearls of Wisdom.

You know what you need, you just need to listen, to others and to yourself. Pearls of Wisdom is the place to come and hopefully get what you need, even if you didn’t know you needed it.

Pearls of Wisdom Volume One features the loveliest lady in the whole wide world, my Mum.

Claire's Sign Off: Best, Claire