That time I…quit my dream job to start a blog.

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Or in my case…

Dreams don’t work unless you quit what you thought would be your dream job in an effort to work out what your dream job is so then you can start working on your dream job.

Not really as punchy a message now is it?

Yes. It is true. I can happily claim to be one of those people who made MASSIVE life changes based entirely on a feeling that something wasn’t right. Or more to the point, multiple things weren’t right. My only clue was that I knew I wasn’t happy and that I was meant for something else. But what? So, I quit what I thought would be my ‘dream’ job, the job that I’d uprooted my entire life as I knew it to move from my comfortable life in a regional town to the city, only to discover twelve or so months later that that this was no longer the dream.

What do you mean dreams change? That seems entirely unfair.

Cue flailing. Cue stomach tensing fear and anxiety. Cue tears. Cue curse words. Lots and lots of curse words. As I began to work out what the hell I wanted to do with my life.

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Note: These were my steps to working it out. These are by no means steps I think you should replicate, they were just the steps I took. But in the interest of living in a RAD world I think everyone should do number seven. Every day. In fact do number seven right now.

  1. Consume all of the self development things you can handle. Like really go down that rabbit hole. I read about desires and finances and passions and bears, oh my.
  2. Watch all of the day time television until it stops feeling like a luxury that you’re watching TV when you’d normally be at work. Another sign that you’ve consumed enough daytime television and are ready to move on could be when your witty repartee with Ellen in your fantasised versions of your interview with her are no longer entertaining.
  3. Do ALL of the sleeping in.
  4. Tell yourself at least ten times every hour that you are a stupid-dumb-dumb-head for quitting your job and leaving financial security to flail about in freelance land. Bookend these expressions of self hatred with something along the lines of how silly your dreams are and how dare you be so audacious to believe that anything you want to do could actually happen.
  5. Uproot your entire life as you know it (again) to a bigger, lovelier house in a smaller, lovelier regional town.
  6. Be fastidious about very few things in your life. Sleep. Read. Watch TV. Repeat.
  7. Dance in your pajamas. A lot. In your lounge room. In your back yard. In the supermarket. Just dance.
  8. Up skill. Sign up for online courses and webinars and e-news and consume ALL of the information from people who you think are kind of brilliant.
  9. At least once a day say something about your situation akin to “Oh boy! Wouldn’t life have been easier if I was just a [insert career here].” For me, it was usually something to do with the opposite of my joys and passions. High-Five to all of our accountants, architects and lawyers in the house! My limited understanding of what you actually do means that in my mind you wear shoulder padded pant suits, talk about numbers and carry a brief case whilst making good life choices. Also known as, having it made.
  10. Wait for inspiration to strike.

So, I did all of these things and I tried to get really clear about

what I wanted to do

what I wanted to make

who I wanted to be

 how I wanted to feel.

And I’m still working all of these things out. I think these things should be everyday things. But, here’s what I’ve learnt in the process.

Change is fucking scary and really hard but you’ve got to trust those instincts in the pit of your stomach. They’re like guideposts or markers to move you in the right direction.

You’ve got to place enormous value on your own happiness. I knew I wasn’t happy. I knew I wanted to be happy. I knew that quitting my job and moving towns would make me happier, even if I had no idea about any of the other stuff. But feeling better, feeling happier made all of the other stuff just that little bit easier to navigate.

It’s okay for your dreams change. They’re yours, you can do whatever you bloody well please with them.

Speaking of which, here you are a midst my dream, or at least one of them. Claire & Pearl is a space for me to write, to inspire, to affirm and to spread a little bit of joy into the world. Yeah. That’s the dream.  It’s far more practical then that dream of mine where I get cast in the original Dirty Dancing movie to play Baby even though I was only three when it was released.

So, welcome. I hope you enjoy your stay.

Claire's Sign Off: Best, Claire

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