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Here it is the final blog in a three part series. Part One is here. Part Two is here. 

Our Ceremony.

We were really particular about the details of our ceremony and Paul did a smashing job of colliding it all together. We had two readings. Our dear friends Dave and Emily did this one and our bridal party did the other. You can read them here. 

Ceremony photo of Claire and Steve and their friends doing their reading
Emily and David smashing their reading.

We did paper, scissors, rock to see who would read their vows first and I lost and loved proclaiming all of the things to Steve in front of our near and dear. When Steve read his a hanky that I’d given the girls to hold for me got passed from each of them so it had mutual lady tears by the time it got to me.

Photo of Steve reading Claire his vows.
Something in Steve’s vows made me happy.

Claire crying while Steve reads his vows.







A photo of Patrick in front of the microphone, ukelele in hand looking over at Claire and Steve smiling

Claire throwing her head back smiling while Steve reads his vows.







Our dear friend Patty then sang Nancy Wilson’s How Glad I am on ukulele while my brother and Steve’s sister acted as our witnesses.  A moment that I will never, ever forget is when my Granddad, who was our ring bearer, a usually very stoic man, who I have never seen cry in all my thirty-two years, hugged me and then Steve and he told him some secret message and it was just divine.

A photo from the ceremony. Steve hugging Claire's granddad and Claire looking on smiling

Steve chose not to wear a ring as we got tattoos when we got engaged, so the second that the ring was on my finger a glitter cannon went off and that shit was locked down.

Photo of Claire and Steve looking at each other ecstatic. The large neon home sign and wooden house in the background.
Too legit to quit. The moment it was all official.


Photo of Claire and Steve kissing while gold glitter falls.
The glitter cannon.

Cue, dancing, cue drinking, cue eating pizza and popcorn and seeing every person you love in one room. That truly is the best thing about our wedding, turning and having glorious conversation after conversation and just looking around the room and thinking ‘I love you’ and ‘I love you’ and ‘I love you,’ it was the best.

A photo of Claire and her mum enthusiastically dancing. Claire's back and arms out wide.
Dancing with my Mum to our song, My Shadow and Me, the Robbie Williams version.
A photo of Claire dancing with her Dad in front of the YEAH sign
Dancing with my Dad to our song, The Way you Look Tonight. The Steve Tyrell version.








Steve dancing and friends laughing

Claire and Steve dancing together
Dancing to our song.

A photo of the flower girl sitting in the aisle in front of the wooden house and the neon home sign.








Claire getting a photo with three of her friends. Big lovely smiles.

Claire and Steve under the YEAH sign while Steve reads his speech






Cool Shit of Note

We got personalised tattoos made of us, which was so awesome to see everyone with us tattooed on their hands or neck.

Claire and Steve personalised tattoos. Cartoon versions. Near a tin can filled with babies breath.
The tattoos we had made.

A photo of the badges and gold glittery flags Claire made








We had badges on the welcome table which told some people who’d never met to hook up and chat. One of the things we were most excited about was all of the different people from our life meeting each other.

We wrote all of our guests letters to tell them we loved them, and our dear ceramist friend, Dan made them all a piece of ceramic lego. Because I proposed to Steve with an engraved piece of lego.

We had the biggest, most glorious desert table filled with tasty treats which we lovingly asked our community members who are down with baking to knock up for us. Plus a heap of glorious treats.

A photo of the desert table









Our speeches, all of them, were just divine, and spoke grandly of love and magic and friendship and luck and joy and Steve and I sat next to other and cried big lovely emotional tears at just how lucky we are.

Steve made giant YEAH sign, which we thought would just sit at the back of the space, but to our glorious surprise the theatre techs rigged it and hung it high and it looked so amazing against the black curtain and the lights – it became a photo highlight.

The evening rounded up and everyone left and Steve and I were left outside with his two groomsmen as we delighted in the whole day and talk hilarious selfies. Steve and I then jumped in a cab and asked if he would take us to McDonalds, where he promptly asked us, “Did you just get married?” We nodded. “And the first meal you want as husband and wife is McDonalds? “We nodded We sat in bed eating cheeseburgers feeling blessed out beyond reproach.

The Day after…

In the morning while Steve was still asleep I wrote this in my phone, because I didn’t want to forget anything, or the way I felt.

These are the things I never want to forget.

I have woken up this morning, so tired, my legs ache from dancing, my glands are swollen and my body is exhausted from pumping so much Adrenalin yesterday.

I don’t ever want to forget the calm, centered morning I had looking at mum and dad giggling and chatting. Listening to them use up all their nervous energy by making each other laugh. I don’t want to forget the mantra I was repeating over & over in my head –

It is safe to feel calm. It is safe to feel loved. It’s about a marriage not a wedding. You are loved. You are enough. Everything will be exactly as it should be.

I don’t want to forget my nans face – her real emotion and how loved I felt and the pride that beamed from her when she saw me for the first time. I don’t want to forget Liam’s stoic calm whilst feeling all of the things at once and telling me he loves me. I don’t want to forget Uncle Steve and Grandad’s faces when they saw me for the first time and my Granddad telling me I did good.

I don’t want to forget Ari and Dan and the sounds they made and the way they looked at me when they saw me come through the front door. I don’t want to forget the calm, centered love I felt seeing Steve for the first time and the wash of everything being fine the moment I was finally with him.

I don’t want to forget giggling with our bridal party as we got photos and just feeling so fucking stoked.

I don’t want want to forget standing in the toilet with mum right before we walked down the aisle and tearing up in acknowledgment of our love for each other.

I don’t ever want to forget standing with mum and Dad and Liam and just having the tiniest of moments acknowledging our little family right before we walked down the aisle.

I don’t want to forget walking in to the space with Dad and loving him and seeing what we had created and all the people we loved beaming back at us. Feeling proud and and supported and cared for.

I don’t want to forget loving Dave & Emily as they so beautifully read their reading. Or the giggles from everyone as our bridal party read theirs.

I don’t want to forget reading my vows and meaning every word. 

And hearing Steve’s vows, especially the part from Breakup Forest and looking over at Ari and Dan and feeling like the luckiest girl in the world.

I don’t ever want to forget the moment my Granddad handed Steve my ring and told him to look after me – I don’t ever want to forget the tears in his eyes as he smiled at me and told me he loved me.

I don’t ever want to forget dancing with my favourite people, laughing at my friends, looking around and seeing my family with Steve’s parents. I don’t ever want to forget the joy and pride on Steve’s parents faces.

Or the way Steves Dad talked about my love for my family and the love I have for everyone in his speech.

I don’t ever want to forget the pride my Dad felt as he talked about worrying all of the time – but loving Steve so deep, in his speech.

I don’t ever want to forget the love that trickled between Ari, Dan, Steve and I as they read their incredible speech. Or looking at my Sam and Heidi as they spoke from their hearts.

I don’t ever want to forget dancing with my mum and singing at the top of our lungs and giggling. Or finding your dad and dancing with him.

I don’t ever want to forget dancing with Jacq and cracking up and we spun around in circles. 

I don’t ever want to forget standing outside the empire with Dan, Steve and Ari, me barefoot waiting for a cab – taking a selfie and feeling joy.

I don’t want to forget getting a cab and getting McDonald’s and eating a cheeseburger in bed with my husband giggling about silly things that happened throughout the day.

I don’t ever want to forget how I feel right now this morning, lying next to my husband – feeling so in love and so happy and so sure of this thing we have and have created.

What gratitude and joy and exhilaration I feel to be married to you, Steve Pirie. You are the love of my life.

That morning we opened our incredible cards and gifts and kind of blissed out before having lunch with our near and dear. That night we read our vows again and I cried. In fact I spent the next week spontaneously crying with joy.


We drove down the East Coast of Australia stopping in lovely places, eating lovely food and spoiling ourselves before flying over to Tasmania and relishing in Hobart. We had such a glorious time, high-fiving our glorious choices and meeting up with beautiful friends to debrief. It really was glorious.

Close up of Claire and Steve smiling. A selfie.
Us at MONA
Happy Claire and Steve Selfie.
Happy in Hobart.






On the way home we drove four hours past our house to pick up our puppy and life has not been the same since.

Much love.


Claire. x

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