Why, Hello!


Picture of Claire's eyes with the heading About Claire & Pearl

I am Claire. I dig dancing in my lounge room, writing ALL the things and Mexican food. I live in a small’ish regional city in Queensland, Australia with my beloved and our mutual dreams of one day owning a really rad dog.

I’ve been a high school drama and Sex-Ed teacher, a playwright, and an elf. I know how to work a deli slicer, clashing patterns and a hula hoop. I know how to help people make theatre and deeply and genuinely care about themselves and each other. I’m an agony aunt with my collaborator best, David.  I’ve traveled to far off distant lands and I’ve won awards with fancy words in the title like, “100 leading women”. But the thing that’s always been consistent in my life is the writing.

For as long as there has been a Claire on the Earth there has been a story in her brain. The words on the page come out better than the words from my mouth hole. It’s just the way it is.

Claire & Pearl was built as play space for me and a safe house for you.

A place to talk about the big stuff and the silly stuff and the you stuff.

Here are all the spiffy places that we can hang out: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

It is my mission to impact the way that people feel about themselves and therefore positively impact everything else: the way we love, work, parent, live and relate to each other. I want to shift the weird blocks we have around vulnerability and honesty. I want us to talk, tell our stories and to absolutely love ourselves hard.

Yeah, that’s what I want.

You can find out what lies within the rad-ass cave that is Claire & Pearl here.

Did I mention you look particularly becoming today?

Claire's Sign Off: Best, Claire